The big garden

"It's like having the sea and the mountains in your own garden."

After a few minutes of walking, a source of pure water is waiting for you in your garden to recharge your batteries.
This water source was used to give water to the sick because this water is even purer than the water from the village fountains.
Who today has a source of pure water in their garden ?

After about 20 min. walking down your garden, you arrive at a beautiful unpolluted river, with a waterfall and a lake where you can swim (and next to it, a space to sunbathe and cook good skewers).

This walk is perfect for a hike. No need to go outside the residence to go for a walk in the mountains, or even to go to the beach to be able to swim. Everything is in your garden.
You and your vacationers/tenants will be very happy to have everything in the garden (access to the river, mountains, hiking) without having to leave the residence.

The Italian sun, fresh air and water will give you excellent fruits and vegetables.
There are already olive trees, hazel trees, fig trees, pomegranates, walnut trees and a quince tree.
Your neighbors (Joseph & his family) live off their garden. Their cellar is filled with jars that they store. The grandfather passed on his knowledge to enable them to preserve their crops in jars.
Generous mentality, they will be proud to let you taste their tomatoes from the garden as well as the eggs laid the same day by their hens.

A unique breathtaking view

Why is it the most beautiful view of the whole village?

Because you are located exactly in front of the mountain on the other side of the river. Neither too left nor too right. Neither too high nor too low.
Your 2 neighbors do not have the same view at all. You can admire the mountains in the distance as well as the villages on your right. At night, these villages are illuminated and this view turns into a postcard landscape.
Come and visit us to admire it with your own eyes.

Long term project

You will be able to arrange your garden to accommodate camper vans as well as tents for the summer. The structure has already been built if you wish in the future to replace part of the olive garden with a swimming pool and/or parking (or space for tents).
From simple rental to bed and breakfast, this property is an excellent investment.
Usually during the year, the villagers want to receive friends in their homes but do not have enough room to accommodate them. They can contact you to stay in the apartments.


The neighborhood : Joseph and his family on one side, Tony and Nina on the other (who are French-speaking, English-speakin and also speak Italian).
A delivery truck brings them bread and drinks in the morning. They will be able to tell you about it over a good coffee if you also wish to be delivered.

The village : far away from factories, noise and crime. Roccamorice is a peaceful, quiet village (day and night), surrounded by trees where it is good to rest, to recharge one's batteries and to go for a walk or a bike ride.
Video on the surroundings of the village.

A store Carrefour is 15 min. by car and is always open 24 hours a day !
There is also a closer store in the town of Scafa.

In the village of Roccamorice you can find several cultural places (San Giorgio's barn, Santo Spirito, San Bartolomeo, ...) that you will find on the official website.
40 km away, Pescara's beach.
Pescara's airport is 45 km away, cabs are parked there as well as car rentals.
Rome is 2 hours away.